Welcome to HollyLucinda!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to welcome you all to my brand new blog! I’m going to be blogging about lifestyle and then sharing beauty tips and my music covers along the way! I always wanted to buy a domain so that I would feel like I owned my little piece of internet but I didn’t want to stick with HollaBollas anymore.

When I created HollaBollas, I never knew what the theme was going to be. I sort of wrote about everything but didn’t necessarily have a general theme. Plus, I had taken HollaBollas from what my friends in secondary school used to call me. Nowadays, no one really calls me HollaBollas so it didn’t really feel like me. That’s why I changed it to

My full name is Holly Lucinda Kenny so it’s a name that is definitely going to stick for the rest of my life. HollyLucinda, I hope, is going to be a space where I can really share my opinion out to the world as I’m also going to incorporate my YouTube channel for some of my blog posts. I really wanted to create a space where I can have fun, be me and also open the doors for discussion on particular, important topics which don’t get spoken about or at least topics spoken from someone of my generation so our opinion can be heard.

I am a third year journalism and new media student in the University of Limerick and currently I’m working at which is a media outlet in Limerick for all positive news. I love limerick and I’m hoping to incorporate that into some of my videos as well to help out new students coming into University of Limerick. I’ll be discussing student-related topics and maybe incorporate cheap recipes for students. I’d love to do different app reviews as well. Reviews in general about movies, albums, songs and diets etc. So I just wanted to create a space where I could write what I want I guess but not feel limited so my blog will be all things about student life and my life and what I’ve learned.

I’m really excited about all the things I’m going to be doing on this blog. I’m still finding my feet at the moment with everything but I have found my little space now where I am confident enough to express my opinions and open discussions. I’d love you all to join me on this journey so if you want to follow this blog and its like page you won’t miss anything that’s going to be happening on this blog.

So thank you so much for supporting me this far and I’m very excited about what I’ve got in store for

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you want!

Lots of love,

Holly Lucinda Ā x

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