The 7 Things I love about UL

*Title was inspired by Miley Cyrus – 7 Things – what a throwback*

So I was really happy with the response from my first post on this website and the whole layout in general (I mean who doesn’t love a space background?) and I hope you will continue to enjoy reading my content and enjoy my life that I’m going to be sharing with you. Hopefully we’ll have a few laughs soon.

In the meantime I thought I’d talk about my university in Ireland. Considering that freshers week has just finished and student life is heavily buzzing around campus, I thought it’d be a good idea to have a little chat about different things I love about University of Limerick.

The People

You will find no better people on a campus my friend. Everyone is so friendly and diverse, you will always find your ‘people’ with no problem at all. UL is the kind of place where you could go into a house party and not know a single soul and come out again with 40 friend invites on Facebook. You’re always constantly meeting different people whether its in lectures, clubs or just visiting various house parties. You won’t have a problem making friends on this campus anyway!

The Campus Itself

The campus is gorgeous and there’s easily ‘7 Wonders of UL’. There’s always something new to discover, I’m still discovering things about the campus and I’m going into my third year. Between the really cool buildings, brown thomas, the castles, and the various monuments dotted around there’s always something new. The Lough Derg Way runs through UL so if you’re sick of the busy college life and are looking for some peace and nature then there’s plenty of nature trails you can go on with a friend. Always make sure you’re walking safely though!


Stables is one of the student bars which is in the heart of the campus. There’s always something going on and it’s especially the best craic on a Wednesday! I didn’t go to Stables enough in first year but was definitely their best costumer in second year. Third year will be no different and plan to show my face every now and then. It’s the best banter with a pub atmosphere and its just another place where you can make friends in the bathroom.

The Staff

The staff at UL (At least everyone I’ve encountered) are always so kind and ready to help anyone. Especially the staff at Stables, they’re gas! All lecturers are also very very nice and will do as much as they can to help students. Just make sure you do the work so that you genuinely deserve help!


Ugh, I actually cannot describe my love for The Paddocks enough. Whether its a hangover you need to cure or an excuse to take a study break, the food at The Paddocks is always the solution. They serve different menus during the week but my personal faves are the chicken curry, the lasagne, and their roast dinners (you’ve been told!).

College Court

What a wonderful, magical place to make friends at massive house parties. If you live in College Court, you’re automatically cool. It’s a title! It doesn’t matter what year you’re in, definitely drop by College Court and watch the natural nature of the ‘men of the sesh’.

The structure

The structure of college life in general is so different to secondary school. Particularly in UL though, I think its very easy to fit in because everyone here kind of accepts anyone. Whether you’re a wandering man searching for the ultimate sesh, a gal who is mad about sharks, a frat, a liar, a raver baby, a wise pineapple, a man who can survive just about anything, or a plain jane you will always be accepted in UL.

So I hope you guys had fun reading this post, I certainly had fun writing it and I’ll see you guys again next Friday!


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