Why I Love Winter

Hi guys! How are you all doing? So it’s been about 4/5 weeks since I’ve posted anything and to tell you the truth I was up the walls with work, so much that HollyLucinda had to sit on a top shelf for a little while. I’m slowly getting into a regime and hopefully, as a result, I can post stuff for all of you! But bear with me it’s not going to happen overnight!

The cold season is fast approaching that sometimes as a student this can come as a shock because you didn’t realise how crap the insulation was in your house and now you feel as if you’re slowly sinking into an iceberg. But I absolutely love Winter – it’s an unpopular opinion I’m aware! Here is just a couple of reasons why:

Fleece Pyjamas

pjs2I treated myself to these bad boys before I went to work so I could wear them when I got home and there are no regrets! Penneys have stocked up their night time range with countless onesies and fleece pyjamas, it’s so hard to choose! Pair these up with a good fluffy pair of slippers and you’re good to go! I can’t describe how good it feels to feel so cosy you simply find yourself slipping into the covers with a huge smile on your face. Divine!


Seasonal Drinks / Hot Chocolates

img_7730You know it’s Winter when the seasonal drinks start coming back to Costa and Starbucks, I am absolutely obsessed with Gingerbread Lattes from Costa! Just the little bikkie of a gingerbread man on top of whipped cream?! Adorable! 

Plus I find myself craving a hot chocolate just to help warm my hands up, despite that hot chocolate is the equivalent to me of a horse tranquiliser – I mean I get completely knocked out once I have one, no lie – but having something warm in your belly just helps you that extra mile on a particularly cold day.


55008c68ab70a-garnett-hill-cotton-fleece-blanket-mdnWhen I mean indulge yourself with these – I MEAN it! As a cold student who wants to keep heating bills on a low, it makes a huge difference. Even having a second duvet makes a massive difference – a beautiful one at that – I used to think my dad was insane having two duvets over Christmas in our very old house but he was smart, be like him. Even if you get the wonderfully cosy, fleecey blankets from penneys for a double bed, it will change your life! It keeps you warm on the inside of the bed even when it’s baltic in your room.


img_7737I mean clothing with this one, I find in Winter is where you can truly show your style with different layers; skirts, tights, boots, scarves, hats, jumpers, etc. You can experiment with different colours and textures. Personally I live for trench coats and am always mad to get new ones with different colours (Red and green are my personal faves!) it looks so elegant with tights and boots or a nice pair of jeans and loafers. My personal favourite thing to get is scarves because you can never have enough!!


Christmas Themed items

beautiful-christmas-decorating-ideas-by-pottery-barnI’m sorry, when Winter is approached that means christmas is too!!!! I absolutely love Christmas, it brightens the dull, cold evening with the bright lights and treating your loved ones! Now I don’t entirely agree with advertising Christmas in October but I love treating my family and friends with meaningful gifts and just having the world a little brighter! I am addicted to anything with reindeers on them and go mad for anything with a reindeer on them! Tartan is also a second favourite pattern around Christmas and also anything with Holly (For obvious reasons!). But I can’t help but get excited on the countdown until Christmas!

So here you go! These are some of the things I love about Winter! Hope you enjoyed reading and I’m glad to have written something for you all!

Lots of love, HollyLucinda x


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