Keeping Yourself Motivated: The Happiness Planner

If you’re anything like me, you either get hung up in the month of January, February or both. This year I’ve only started hitting a slump around now so in order to keep myself organised and a little motivated I decided to go ahead and try out The Happiness Planner.

16776949_1483471448329589_1217574241_oI came across The Happiness Planner on Instagram (I mean where else would you find these things?) and was instantly intrigued on the concept of a positive attitude as each day goes by. First of all, I was drawn by the appearance of the planners. They were so neat and in beautiful colours, it was hard not to be. The planner I decided to pick was blue and peach for a colour scheme that would suit all year round and not just Spring and Summer.

The journal itself is very detailed and gives you lots of space to input your own personality into it in the first 15-20 pages. There are positive quotes on at least one page and a grid to answer the various questions that the happiness journal lay out for you. “What are your strengths?”, “What is holding you back?”, “What are your dreams?” and many more. All questions to look back on your answers to remind yourself of your goals that you want to achieve throughout the year.

16777133_1483472431662824_1428798559_oWhat I love about each daily entry is that there’s so much space and detail to each day. At the top of each page there’s a little section for “Today I’m Excited about”, “Exercises”, “Main Focus” and “Meals”. I think to acknowledge what you’re excited about each day means that you’ll have something to look forward to or enjoy everyday. I’ll be honest and say right now, I’m not really filling in any of the Exercise sections but I intend to start soon.

The next section is two columns for lists; on the left it’s for your schedule and the right is your to-do list. I think the lists could’ve been a tiny bit longer but right now, I don’t have a huge amount of appointments or anything so I guess I don’t need it.

The last section is a kind of reflection section and this is what I really like. It ends your day on a good note and you’re looking at all the positive aspects. “Notes”, “Good Things about Today”, “What I’m Grateful For” and “What I Hope for Tomorrow”.

Overall, the Happiness Planner is a beautiful journal, you literally will not find a nicer one around. The colour scheme for all the journals is gorgeous. I also loved the rose-gold theme that came with my journal and the rose-gold pen is amazing. It has “Believe in Yourself” engraved at the top with the Happiness Planner logo.

If you guys are interested in The Happiness Planner click here to find a link to their website.

Lots of love and see you all soon!



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1 thought on “Keeping Yourself Motivated: The Happiness Planner”

  1. Lists and plans are such a good way to keep myself on track too! Please visit my blog if you’d like, I’m new here! ❤


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