21 Things I’ve Learned at 21

So this was supposed to be posted very close to my birthday. Typically I got a bit sucked into celebrating and treating myself for my birthday but now that everything is quieting down I finally have the time to reflect on all the things that I have learnt at 21 years of age.

So for all who are interested, here are the 21 things that I have learnt so far in my life now that I am 21 years old. Let’s get to it!

1: Turning 21 is just as awesome as it sounds; Yep, I think a lot of people start worrying once their teenage years are over that it is all downhill from here. It’s not really, I would think that your 20s are the funnest years of your life. There’s much more travelling, fun, and adventures just waiting around the corner.

2: “It doesn’t matter how far you go so long as you do not stop”; I have forever lived by this quote to never give up and when one door closes, another opens. Life is short but you don’t have to panic and scream if one thing goes wrong. Usually another opportunity is around the corner!

3: There’s always room in your life for travelling; and it is so rewarding. The best thing you can do with a group of friends is plan a weekend trip away somewhere just to get out of Ireland and see what somewhere else has to offer. Plus, finding time to travel is tough, so just bite the bullet and buy the plane tickets. It’s definitely something you won’t regret.

4: Beauty comes from within; a cliche that all mothers say no matter how dog-like their child looks but there is some truth to the saying. The one thing I’ve learnt the most is that people look into who you are. Most people will remember you for your kindness, banter, generosity and fun. Not looks, this isn’t Hollywood!

5: Stay away from Claire’s; YES, I’m talking to you 7 year-old Holly! Get. Out. Of. There. I shudder at the sight of those striped arm warmers. You (Yes, you reading this) know exactly what I’m talking about as well.

6: Never hold back from being yourself – being happy and positive is a good thing; I used to be so worried about how people saw me. I used to be friends with some girl groups and it was almost strange to be over-enthusiastic about anything. It seemed childish. It made me take a step back and become a lot quieter. I didn’t feel like myself and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. Ignore the haters and just be yo’self!

7: Never chase celebrity trends; Goes back to point 4 but you find that usually most people look their best in their natural hair colour or with minimal effort. That Cher Lloyd haircut (Half shaven head) might look great on her but that doesn’t mean you should head into an old-mans pub and get someone to use a razor and get rid of half your hair. (*Shakes head at antsy 16 year-old Holly*)

8: I’ll always be incredibly unorganised; no matter how much I try to convince myself I’m not.

9: When you are looking for love you will never find it; it’s true that “love comes when you least expect it”. If you are looking for that special someone it means that you have an expectation. Expectations can lead to a loooot of heartbreak and misunderstandings. Stop looking, enjoy your life and the right person will come along. Trust me on that!

10: Fashion sense can come late to some/me; it’s true, I’ve only started seeing sense about two weeks ago.

11: My room will always be chaotic; perks of having no home per-say but it’s also because I am incredibly messy/ disorganised/ turbulent / riotous/ rowdy/ unruly – you get the gist.

12: It is so important to mind your mental health; Seriously, I have a previous blog post explaining all of that aspect in my own life and in some ways I wish I’d looked at it properly sooner. You’ll find how easily things can fall apart when you’re not looking after yourself.

13: Never give up on hobbies you enjoy; go for those acting and singing auditions, who cares if you don’t have a college course on it. You’ll regret it.

14: Spain will be the best and worst years of your life; this is for 13 year-old Holly but she’ll thank her dad for moving her to a foreign country. It teaches you a lot. Your heart will break but you’ll also have some insane and hilarious stories from there. Plus, having an awesome friends like Skarlett and Hollie is pretty great too!

15: Death never gets easier; a little grim but it’s very true. I used to think as we got older it meant that we weren’t supposed to be fazed by death. Truth is, it is just as tough each time. Stay strong.

16: Adults are just giant toddlers trying to sort out the world; and once you get that in your head, you’ll never worry about the world again. You’re not supposed to have your life “together”. (I mean what does that even mean?!)

17: Invest in people who invest in you; do not waste energy on those who mistreat you.

18: A lack of hangovers will not last forever; and will swing upon you like a wreeeeecking ballllll *cues Miley Cyrus on Spotify*. No seriously, you’ll die inside every morning and each time you’ll say it won’t happen again and each time your friends ask you to go out, you will do it and do the same thing again. And so on and so forth.

19: Always find time to see family; they are your primary homies and you’ll miss them after about 3 weeks.

20: Spend money on experiences rather than materials; okay well maybe not all materials (because having a PS4 is pretty neat these days) but spending money on holidays and trips with your special peeps is worth a million michael kors bags…. or maybe just one…. meh, michael kors is pretty nice though.

21: It’s okay to make mistakes; No one is perfect and feck it, everyone is learning! So go out there, make mistakes and live life to the fullest!

Thanks so much for reading, I can’t believe I managed to drag up 21 things, it’s quite hard.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’ll see you guys very soon.

Holly x

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