Hello hello hello. It has been a long, long time. How have you been? I hope you haven’t closed the door on just yet because I’m back. The inspiration is back. We are back people. 

Now a lot of you might be asking, “Holly? What have you been doing all this time?! You haven’t written a blog post in ages.” Well, lemme tell you but first; grab some snacks, a drink and a comfy pillow and I’ll start explaining the situation.

So this blog has been on-and-off since I created it, I had all of these ideas for the vision I wanted to convey and I had so many people willing to help me see that vision for myself. The issue though is I didn’t even know myself (#deep) so how was I really expecting myself to convey this personality online and continue a blog when I didn’t even know what it was about. I was so focused on numbers and likes, it felt like an impossible goal that I simply couldn’t reach. I was watching other Irish bloggers who had the same number of followers I did and they just kept growing and growing while I was staying perfectly still like some kind of haunting heart monitor sound you hear in the movies. The reason for this is either; my writing is utter shite and I should give up while I’m ahead or that I wasn’t being my authentic self and was getting sucked into the ‘what’s trending?’ writing making my writing dull, uninspired and lacking.

So, as a result, I took a long break. I strictly used my Instagram for me and stopped getting sucked into the loop of ‘I need to wear nice things and have nice makeup and I need to travel to surreal places.’ because it was exhausting for me. I started avoiding to have a real think of the vision I wanted to make for myself. What did I feel comfortable with talking about? What were the interests of mine that I wanted to share? So no, there hasn’t been a huge makeover of the website (just yet) but there will be a change in my blog posts. Mainly being much more frequent because I have a lot of ideas! And it feels great to be back writing again, feeling proud and happy with what I am writing as well.

So I think the most important thing to take from this is that the reason posts weren’t appearing was because I wasn’t happy or inspired with the blog. Taking time to finalise your vision is important and there’s no point in pushing energy into posts that you don’t want to write or feel pressured to write because it’s a ‘trending topic’. It’s important to grasp what you want to do and be your authentic self whilst doing it. If you are not interested in what you’re writing, it’s very easy to see that as a reader. Which is why it was important for me to establish that interest and motivation to write for myself.

Also, it was just nice to travel, hang out with friends, meet people and in general have a good time which I’m realising I can find a balance with this blog.

Right now I am currently sitting on an X51 Bus Eireann bus (not sponsored) after just registering my modules for fourth year! The final hurdle! Who knew I could make it?! Definitely not me for a lil while but HERE I AM. 

September is the month I feel where a lot of us go into a routine and I’m really really excited about what’s coming up. So stay tuned guys, is back in business.


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